Galleria on the Lake - Clarksville

Clarksville, Virginia is a lucky little town. Lucky to be Virginia's only lakeside town, and lucky to have Linda Davenport as one of its downtown merchants. 

Galleria on the Lake is an interesting mix of regional art, gourmet cheese, Virginia wine, and craft beer. Linda is the reason Birdie's is in retail stores. Many moons ago, when we still believed this was just a hobby, she asked to carry our pimento cheese in her store. At the time, we were only selling at one farmer's market. I told her I didn't think we could. She said, "Well, find out." So I did, and the Galleria on the Lake was our very first retail store.

The Galleria is a wonderful place to browse through. Linda knows all the artists personally. You can get a little tidbit that will make your purchase all the more special. As many times as I've been in the store, I still stumble across something I've never seen before. Like nativity scenes made out of oyster shells, and wood turned bowls. Right now she has a blue striped zebra statue that I think is just marvelous. If you find yourself in Clarksville sometime, stop in to see Linda. She's at the top of the hill under the faded purple awning.