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Little House Green Grocery - Richmond

Erin Wright is the! She is a local-vore with an appetite for the unique. Little House Green Grocery was our first RVA grocery. The sublime Kim Usry, of Carytown Farmers Market, made the introduction (can't thank her enough!). Erin is kind, considerate, and whip-smart! She honestly can be credited with a lot of Birdie's growth. Her honest feedback, always kind and supportive, freely given, was crucial in our early days. She commented once, that she saw our invoice numbers grow from double digits to quads.

Little House carries a lovely line of craft beer, wine, and unusual snacks. If you're fortunate enough to be on the Northside of Richmond, well, lawd, you're fortunate enough! But really, go see Erin, she'll be so glad to see you!

Drop me a pic on social if you stop in,(#daytripswithBirdie). You can see our full list of locations here. Treat yourself to a little time off and visit all our stores.