Pineapple & Blue Cheese Pimento Cheese

Summer is drawing to a close, the humidity has taken a break, and we can start to imagine that the cooler weather is around the corner. But just before you put that grill down for a nap, I’m going to share a pimento cheese recipe with you. 

Now, once you make this, you should use it to top your hamburger. It’ll give you that Hawaiian/summer tropics taste that will help tide you over till next summer season. It’s Pineapple Blue Cheese Pimento Cheese. If you’ve run into me at a Farmers Market, I may have mentioned it to you. It’s incredibly tasty, with an equally incredible short shelf life. Don’t make a lot, and use it up! But that shouldn’t be too hard.

Pineapple & Blue Cheese Pimento Cheese
1 lbs Sharp Cheddar
4 oz Pimento (small jar)
1 cup Duke's Mayonnaise
10 oz Pineapple (I usually pick up the snack size)
1/2 cup Blue Cheese Crumbles
Salt & Pepper to taste

Grate your cheese (you can use pre-grated here if you like, but honestly, I don’t). When picking the Pineapple, I look for the snack size that says “Packed in Natural Juices” and I don’t drain it. Get all the other ingredients into the bowl and mix with a spatula until combined. Put it in the refrigerator for an hour or so.

Grill yourself a nice hamburger, and just as you take it off the grill, top it with this pimento cheese. You don’t want it on the grill, because you’re working with grated cheese and it will melt pretty fast. Add a nice leafy lettuce to your hamburger and make sure you have plenty of napkins.
Birdie's Blue Cheese and Pineapple Pimento Cheese

I’d love to see pictures of your dish! You can send them here, or post on our social media. Thank you for being part of our Birdie-world! I look forward to seeing you at a farmers market, or click here to find a store near you.