Birdie's Jalapeño Pimento Cheese Fritters

Pimento cheese fitters


I started this Sunday while Meredith was home. Really I guess I started on Saturday. The Apple Cart had tagged us on a Garden & Gun post about pimento cheese fritters. We were headed out the door to yoga when I saw it. 

The recipe had you make pimento cheese, but of course, I had some garlic parm in the fridge, so I rolled it up in some wax paper you know the way you would compound butter. Like a log. Popped it in the freezer and headed out the door. Sunday morning after I had cleaned up from pancakes I thought we could give it a go.

Sliced the log into 3/4" thick slices while still frozen. The Garden & Gun page said "Bread using standard breading procedure (first dredge in flour, then in whisked eggs, and finally in breadcrumbs)." So that's what I did. I usually don't care for that style. 

They turned out great!! Better fried cheese than any that I had tried to do on my own. I think I'll do them next time with Jalapeño, with a modification or two. Served them with Kellie's sweet pickle.

I'll work out my recipe version below and take new pictures to post with my version. I think the breadcrumbs did the trick.

Birdie's Jalapeño Pimento Cheese Fritters

1 tub of Birdie's Pimento Cheese, Jalapeño flavor

5 oz of sharp cheddar cheese, grated

1 cup all-purpose flour

2 eggs, whisked

2 cups of bread crumbs

Honey, strawberry jelly, and sweet pickles to serve

Add the sharp cheddar cheese to the Birdie's Pimento Cheese, mix well. Fold onto the center of a sheet of parchment paper. Fold the paper over, squeeze, roll, and shape into a log. Twist the ends like a Tootsie Roll, pop in the freezer for at least 2 hours or overnight.

Once frozen, slice into 3/4" discs. Using a 3 step battering technique, dredge each in the flour, then the whisked egg, then coat with bread crumbs. 

Use a frying pan with about a 1/4" of cooking oil in the bottom. Be sure it's hot enough before you put the first in. Test it by flicking in a little flour. You'll want to see that speck of flour sizzle. 

Carefully, place each cheese disc in the oil. About 5 minutes on the first side should do it. When you turn it, the bread crumbs should be nice and golden. About 2 minutes on the second side, remove to a paper towel to drain.